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Pedigree Acronyms


BIS Best In Show. This indicates that the dog has won the top ribbon in an AKC sponsored all-breed or multi-breed show.
BISS Best In Specialty Show. The dog has won the top ribbon in a specialty (single breed) show; in this case, a Rhodesian ridgeback specialty show.
CH AKC Champion of record. This generally means a championship in conformation showing. CH is sometimes used rather freely by uninformed breeders to mean "a good dog." This is an incorrect usage. To earn a championship, a dog must win 15 points in an AKC-sponsored show; at least 6 of those points must be won in 2 shows (majors) under separate judges. The purpose of conformation showing is to determine the best breeding stock for each breed.
DC Dual Champion. The dog has won championships in two separate areas -- usually conformation and a field event.

South African Champion.

ROM Register of Merit. This is awarded to a bitch who produces at least 5 champion offspring, or to a male who produces at least 10 champion offspring.
JC Junior Courser. The first coursing title, indicating that the dog has successfully run the lure 2 times. A dog must have a JC before running competitively against other dogs in lure coursing.
SC Senior Courser.
BIF Best In Field. The top award in lure coursing. After the winner is determined for each breed, these winners run against one another for Best In Field.
FCH AKC Field Champion. Like the conformation champions, the field champions must earn 15 points in competition against their own breed.
AM/CAN CH  American/Canadian Champion. The dog has won two championships.