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Our next litter will be in late winter or early spring 2011.

After you fill out our Questionnaire, make sure you read our FAQ, which covers most questions you might have about our dogs and procedures for placing pups.

Haven't heard back from us? Feel free to call so that we don't overlook you by accident: 919-360-9882


photo right:
Chance (an Ikaika/Viki pup)
at 5 weeks




Remember --all puppies are little and cute, but they don't stay that way!

Click on these each of these adorable babies for a demonstration:

photo of Libby as pup and adult compare Jeremiah as puppy and adult click to compare pup with grown dog

To be considered for a pup, please fill out our Prospective Owners Questionnaire.

Keep in mind that we do not ship puppies -- it is very traumatic for them and can have a lasting effect upon them. However, if you fly with them in a take-on carrier (and can reassure them during the flight), they seem to do quite well. Also, this allows you to meet us and our grown dogs.
Never buy a puppy sight unseen over the internet!

Also, our pups are sold to be house pets only -- not kennel or yard dogs.

10 Commandments
of Puppy Training

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