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Pedigrees of Sengei ridgebacks
These are only the ones owned or co-owned by us, either already champion or being actively shown.


Gesar       Ch Mshindaji's Gesar of Seng

Cassie     Ch Sengei's Sassy Cassie

Mitra          Ch Sengei's Friendly Fire, ROM

Caele       Ch Rouxridge's Celtic Matrix, JC

Rex          Ch Sengei's Its Good To Be King, JC

Jesse       Ch Sengei's Desperado

Bantu       BIF DC Sengei's High Plains Drifter, SC

Dixie         Ch Sengei's Southern Belle, JC

Magritte   Sengei's Surrealist

Chili           Sengei's Jalapena

Durban    Sengei's African Rain

Esme      Sengei's Love and Squalor

Skye        Sengei's Skye of Tam Lyn [coming]