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The Worst Reasons We've Heard for Wanting a Ridgeback

This is an ongoing collection of actual reasons we have heard from people wanting to buy a puppy. Some are innocent mistakes caused by the outrageous descriptions of ridgebacks found in books with "thumbnail sketches" of breeds. Other reasons are.... well, you'll see.

We will add to the list as time goes on (unfortunately).

"Ridgebacks are impervious to heat, cold and pain."
Where exactly do you live, anyway?

"They don't shed."
Translation: we just bought a new couch; our son is allergic to dogs; we have a white carpet. Myth representation! Ridgebacks shed.

"They keep themselves as clean as cats."
Do cats like to roll in two-week-old dead things?
Do they like to lie in mud to cool off?

Okay, so far the reasons don't seem all that bad, just badly misinformed. But keep reading. They get worse.....

"They are very obedient by nature and I don't like to train dogs."
Maybe you'd feel more comfortable if they trained you. They'd like that.

"My kids want a dog and I read ridgebacks don't need much care."
Just throw her in the backyard. Maybe the kids will play with her after school ..... once in a while.

"I want something that can stand up to the pitbulls in my neighborhood."
And while your ridgeback is "standing up to" the pitbulls, will you have money down on the outcome?

"I read that they were voted the 'manliest dog' and I want to get a pup for my boyfriend's birthday. I thought he would get a kick out of that 'manliest dog' thing."
Will he also get a kick out of the pup chewing the corner off his manly leather couch?

"Ridgebacks are getting to be a big status symbol. I mean, I don't want one just because of that, but it is nice to have a dog that people think is cool. You know what I mean?"
Yeah, unfortunately, I do .....

"It's a surprise for my [husband] [wife] [best friend] [mother] [son]."
Surprise, honey! Here is a companion to spend the next 12 years of your life with. Aren't you glad you didn't get to choose him yourself?

And the absolutely WORST reason:

"I just got a male and want 2 females, so I can go into the business."
"The business?" Really? This woman thought chaining a couple of ridgebacks in her backyard for breeding was a respectable business and that I would sympathize with her enterprising spirit. (It wasn't and I didn't.)

Breeders and shelters! Have you heard other truly awful reasons you can share? Email them to us and we will put the worst ones up on our list.