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AKC HM65832606   OFA RR-5578F31F/RR-EL685    born July 18,1996

Mitra is now officially a Register of Merit.

She now has ten champion offspring (twice the number required for a Register of Merit), including 3 Best in Field dual champions.

Mitra has a true ridgeback temperament -- loving, loyal, tough, intelligent, unflappable. She rules the roost with an iron hand. If we reprimand any of the other dogs, she will rush over and roll them around the floor, growling ferociously, until she is satisfied that they have been suitably chastised, then returns to her couch.

Mitra means "friend" in Sanskrit.


Mitra's champion


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Ch Sengei's Desperado "Jesse"
DC BIF Sengei's Azuka Hasunati "Zuka"
DC BIF Sengei's High Plains Drifter "Bantu"
DC BIF Sengei's General Patton Mondhoro "Patton"
Ch Sengei's Southern Belle "Dixie"
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Ch Sengei's Surrealist "Magritte"
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Ch Sengei's Gone With the Wind "Scarlett"
Ch Sengei's Red Sage    
Ch Sengei's Jaegermeister Ivan, JC "Jaeger"