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The info page


This is a catch-all page, including the prospective owner questionnaire, owner information, interesting news reports, and anything that really belongs nowhere but is worth checking out.



Prospective-Owner Questionnaire   Submit an on-line form and we will contact you about upcoming litters.

Pedigree Acronyms   To help you translate all those unpronounceable initials on the names in the family tree.

Pedigrees   Jump quickly to the interactive pedigree of every one of our dogs.

How To Talk Show-Dog, part one   The basic vocabulary of (show) dog anatomy.

Ten Commandments of Puppy Training  The essentials of living with a puppy.

Sengei FAQ   Everything you wanted to know but.

The Worst Reasons for Wanting a Ridgeback   Actual reasons given on our questionnaire and in interviews with prospective owners.

Recommended Supplies   All the best things and where to get them.